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Job Title: Blogger | What is a Blogger + What do Bloggers do?

Conversations about “work” normally go something like this…

Them: “So what do you do for a living?”

Me: “I’m a blogger.”

Them: “Oh cool! But what is your job?”

Me: “I’m a blogger.”

Them: “Yeah? But how do you make money?”

Me: “I blog.”

Them: “But how does that make you money?”

Me: “Well, I write things my audience is interested in reading, I partner with brands to promote their products, I review new products or locations, companies pay to advertise on my pages or social media platforms, etc…”

Them: *Puzzled look*

Me: *Awkward smile*

I’d be a lot richer if I got paid for every time someone asked me “What is a blogger?”, “But what do you do for a living?”, or my favorite, “Okay, but do you make real money?”

What is “real money”? No, I don’t make “real money”. I make Monopoly money, and I use that Monopoly money to support my family.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually love these kind of questions! They serve as an opportunity to teach others about professional blogging. I love talking about my job!

All jokes aside, blogging is, in fact, a real job. ‘Blogger’ is a real job title — and running a blog can be a full-time job, even if the dictionary is behind the times.

In this post I will be talking about professional bloggers; Bloggers who blog as a profession and make money doing so. Please keep in mind that this post is not about personal bloggers who blog exclusively as a creative or personal outlet and do not monetize their blogs in any way.

What is a Blog/Blogger?

Definition of blog, blogging and blogger

Years ago, blogging was mostly a “hobby.” Although it is still a hobby for many people, blogging has become a career for many others. It amazes me to think about how many people turned their hobbies into legitimate, 5+ figure income-producing businesses! They truly paved the way for people like me. However, blogging is NOT the job for those looking to “get rich quick.”

Many people don’t understand exactly what goes into “blogging.” I get it, it’s a fairly new job title.

Others don’t understand how to support a person’s blogging business. I wrote about this very topic in depth recently. Once again, I get it! I didn’t really understand “blogging” either. Sometimes, I still don’t fully understand this industry!

It’s hard to grasp the fact that all of these (really fun) things that you see on your end are part of an actual job — but nonetheless, blogging is a job. A rewarding, challenging job which keeps many women and men afloat and helps pay many, although normally not all, of their bills.

A job which you’re seeing the end product of, but not everything that goes into it. Some bloggers will never be able to blog full-time, but the truth is that many do!

Why are “writer” and “graphic designer” considered real job titles but “blogger” is not? We do all of that, and then some.

But, what do Bloggers do ALL day?

So much, guys. So much.

  • Bloggers write. A lot.
  • Bloggers edit.
  • Bloggers design websites.
  • Bloggers pitch companies.
  • Bloggers negotiate contracts.
  • Bloggers learn graphic design.
  • Bloggers promote their content.
  • Bloggers sell their own products.
  • Bloggers manage social media accounts.
  • Bloggers create e-books and e-courses.
  • Bloggers photograph people and products.
  • Bloggers learn to Photoshop pictures and edit videos.
  • Bloggers spend many hours engaging with content on other blogs and social media.

…and that’s just the start.

We also need to keep up with the constant changes to social media platform algorithms and rules — all which affect our businesses and constantly keep us on our toes.

Every time Facebook or Instagram make changes to their algorithms, we must completely re-evaluate and re-invent our marketing plans.

We sometimes attend events with quick post-event share turnarounds. You may sometimes catch us at these events with our noses in our phones the entire time — that is normal. We are working. And while some of these events are very enjoyable for us, many of them are exactly that: work.

Our blogs are a place to express whatever we want, whenever we want — but they are also our business platform. Yes, you many see many pretty pictures and fun events, but behind the scenes we’re running a business.

We must find ways of sharing our story to a targeted audience, all while constantly reinventing ourselves and our content. People get bored and trends change. Once blogging becomes a part-time or full-time job, you need to constantly find new ways of expressing yourself. There is no “routine” in blogging.

However, blogging is very fulfilling. Although many people still don’t “get it”, and social media platforms are always finding new ways of challenging us, being your own boss is incredibly fulfilling.

Bloggers don’t just write about new deodorants and traveling circuses, they also write about personal struggles and lessons learned. They can be as creative as they want to be and can also touch many lives in the process. We can connect with like-minded individuals navigating through similar challenges — and it is so rewarding!

As a blogger, you can write about anything you like and are passionate about. In the blogging world, one thing stands true: anything goes. There will always be an audience for whatever you choose to create.

Bloggers create all kinds of content including:

  • Recipe creation
  • Fashion look-books
  • E-Books
  • Product reviews
  • Travel photography
  • Family/Toy Reviews
  • Printables/Graphic Design
  • Video Game Reviews

The possibilities are truly endless. Bloggers can run their businesses as they see fit. They call the shots.

Bloggers can reach out to companies or wait for them to be the ones to reach out. They choose what sponsors to work with. They choose what advertisers to allow on their websites. Talk about being your own BOSS!

Now, when will the word blogger finally be updated in the dictionary? I think it’s about time we redefine blogging. Bloggers are not just those who write in a blog. You tell me…what is a blogger?


What is a blogger? What do bloggers do?




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