How-To: Support Your Blogger Friends 7

How-To: Support Your Blogger Friends

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It has taken me years to begin calling myself a “blogger.” I’m not going to lie, my decision to start blogging was something I wasn’t comfortable sharing with friends and family right away.

Many people don’t understand what blogging entails, and many of my own friends and family don’t know that blogging is a job — one that is not only time-consuming and challenging, but also income-producing, exciting and fulfilling!

Unfortunately, most of my friends and family don’t appreciate how much work goes into blogging. They also don’t know how to support me.

How to support your blogger friends

Lately, I’ve been sharing my blog and social media pages with more of my “in real life” friends. It is nerve-racking. However, I’ve been surprised at the positive, supportive and encouraging response I have received.

Yet, they’re just not “following through.” They’re not supporting my blog or engaging with my content.

At first it hurt. I thought:

“They don’t want to support me. They must not like my content.” Why else would my friends not click on my links? Why wouldn’t they support my business?

And then it clicked…they just didn’t know how to support my business. Maybe they didn’t even know this IS a business and a way I acquire income to support my family.

When I started blogging, I had no idea how to actually “support” other bloggers — let alone, how to have friends and family support me!

Bloggers, do you ever have friends or family members say:

“I can’t wait to try the recipe you shared on Facebook the other day!”
“I loved the picture of your makeup that you shared on Instagram.”
“I entered the giveaway you posted on your blog.”

Yet, there is absolutely no trace of them ever reading, liking or interacting with any of your content? It happens to me ALL THE TIME!

Do I think they are purposely not engaging with my content? Absolutely not!

Do I think they don’t have a clue about how to support my business? Yes!

This is where the “how-to” below comes in…

So How Should You Support Your Blogger Friends?

Your friend or family member has started a new business. You want to support them. What do you do?

You visit their storefront, help pass out business cards, order from their online store, tell other friends about it, post about it on social media, etc.

Your friend or family member starts a new blog. You are not sure how to support them, but you want to. Well, it may come as a surprise, but supporting a blog is not much different than supporting a “normal” business — just a lot more virtual.

We still want you to “visit” our storefront, help pass out our virtual business cards, make purchases from our affiliate links, post about it on social media, etc.

Yes, we are flattered when you tell us about how much you love the picture we featured of our kids on Instagram or how yummy that recipe we shared was, but please show us how much you really loved it by ENGAGING with our content — publicly!

ENGAGING with your blogger friend’s content will not cost you a penny, but could possibly help support your friend’s financial well-being, family and business!

Here are Five Ways to Support your Blogger Friends and Engage with their Content:


Social media is HUGE in the “blogging world”. There is no better way of supporting your blogger friends than by following their blog or social influencer accounts on social media! Social media is one of the keys to blogging success.

Many brands look at a blogger’s social media following when deciding whether to collaborate with them, sponsor their content or feature them on their websites.

A simple follow or “like” on whichever social media platform your blogger friend is using is incredibly helpful! It is also a great way to stay up-to-date on their new content — and see pictures of their adorable kids!


Please let us know what you think of our content by commenting on it! You can do so by commenting directly on our blog entries, Facebook posts or any other social media post.

In a virtual world where likes and followers can be purchased, organic and genuine engagement goes a very long way.

Many of the networks, companies and sponsors that your blogger friends work with look at engagement as the most important thing when choosing bloggers to collaborate with!Here are a few EASY ways of engaging with your friend’s content:

– Comment on their blog posts.
-Share their Facebook posts.
-Like their Facebook posts.
-“React” to their Facebook posts. Choosing a reaction such as ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, or ‘Wow’ instead of the standard ‘Like’ actually helps boost your friend’s post
-Comment on their Instagram photos.
-Re-tweet their tweets.
-Enter their giveaways.
-Watch their YouTube videos.
-Subscribe to their YouTube channel.
-Share their blog posts on Pinterest.


Most bloggers have newsletters or e-mail lists they want followers to subscribe to. You can usually find a “sign-up” link somewhere on their website or contact page.Subscribing to their blog allows you to receive their content immediately. It also shows Google that their content is useful and relevant.


Chances are that you’ve seen your blogger friends share a link that says “affiliate link” immediately before or after it.Affiliate links are one of the most common ways that bloggers “monetize” their blogs. Why do we monetize our blogs? In addition to the fact that blogging is our job, we monetize our blogs in order to keep them running.

You wouldn’t believe how much money goes into running our websites and social media platforms. Bloggers spend money on website hosting, photography equipment, professional services, tax services, blogger courses, marketing, conferences, and so much more!Wikipedia describes affiliate marketing as:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Purchasing items that you need or want through your friend’s affiliate link makes them a couple of pennies — at no extra cost to you!

Most bloggers join the affiliate programs of some of the largest online retailers, and some you probably already shop from (such as Amazon). Next time your blogger friend shares a product they love, use their link to shop for it.


One of the greatest things you can do to support your blogger friends is to bring them traffic!Know someone who may be interested in your friend’s content? Share it with them!
Know someone who may benefit from the content on your friend’s blog? Share it with them!
Notice that your friend shared a new article on social media? Share it with others!

The Best Way to Support your Blogger Friends:

Ultimately, the greatest way of supporting your blogger friends is educating yourself, and others, about blogging.

Now that you know how to support your blogger friends and know that it is a legitimate, income-producing job, tell others about it!

Tell mutual friends, family and strangers about your friend’s awesome job. Actively engage with your friend’s content. Help their business thrive and grow.

We are living in an age where most business transactions take place on the internet. Many businesses rely on the internet to grow. Blogging is not any different.

It is time to start educating others about blogging, social influencing, and online marketing. It is time that blogging becomes respected as the full-time job it is.




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