Sunkist Freeze Dried Fruit 2.0!

Moms, Kids and Celebrities LOVE Sunkist Freeze Dried Fruit 2.0!

A nutritious and healthy snack that’s creating Buzz with Families and in Hollywood!  Distributed by Snack It Forward, LLC, Sunkist, the trusted name in fruit for over 100 years, introduces freeze-dried Fruit 2.0. A delicious, crunchy, nutritious and light snack for everyone to enjoy!  Available in Banana, Apple, Strawberry and Grape Slices, these “healthy” snacks are sure to make the perfect add-on to cereals, salads, and yogurt or to enjoy alone.  Low calories per serving, fat free, gluten free and no sugar added, Freeze Dried Fruit 2.0 are becoming a hit with moms all over the country!  What better way than to give your kids 100% Real Fruit than with Fruit 2.0!


The Moms of Social Parenting were given the chance to try all 4 flavors of the Sunkist Freeze Dried Fruit 2.0.  Below is what we rated each flavor and why.

Banana: 8/10.  Sweet, crispy, and melts in your mouth.  Not too chewy or hard like other freeze dried bananas can be.  Many of them were stuck to each other making it harder for the kids to enjoy, but other than that this flavor was a hit!

Apple: 9/10.  This was our absolute favorite! I absolutely loved how sweet, crunchy, and tasty these were.  They taste exactly like what they are, no artificial flavors whatsoever.  The kids LOVED this flavor!

Strawberry: 4/10.  We did not like this one.  The texture, scent, and crunchiness were perfect but they were way too sour.  If you like sour candies or very tart fruit this might be a hit for you.  Our kids did not like this one either, even though strawberries are one of their favorite fruits.

Grape: 7/10.  These were pretty good but did not really “look” like grapes.  They were mostly pulverized and the majority of the bag had the fruit stuck to each other or completely broken apart.  The flavor was great but they were very messy.  If you can get past the look of these, they will be a huge hit.

Overall, our kids really enjoyed these.  I love finding healthy snacks for my daughter, especially ones that are easy to transport and easy for her to eat on her own.  I love that these are 100% natural and are exactly what is advertised on the packaging.

**Disclaimer: Sprinkles Magazine provided Sunkist Freeze Dried Fruit 2.0 for the Social Parenting team to try and give away.  All reviews and thoughts are completely our own.**