SmartKidsID Review; Give your child effective and safe protection on-the-go!

What would happen if your child got lost at a mall, amusement park, or any other public space?

Would your child know how to get help? Would she/he know his telephone number or parent’s full name and information? Does your child know how to describe her/his medical conditions or allergies?

I don’t know about you, but as a mother I worry about this constantly.  I try to always keep close tabs on my daughter, but toddlers are FAST, sneaky, and can disappear from sight in the blink of an eye.

Enter the SmartKidsID (pictured is the SmartKidsID on my own daughter).


The Smart Kids ID is a child ID product to keep kids safe on the go.  Every first responder or helper with a Smartphone can access your child’s medical information as quickly by scanning the QR code and everyone with a phone (or who does not know how to use QR code technology) can call the toll free number to reconnect you with your child! Right after the QR Code is scanned the account holder (parent or guardian) gets notified about the GPS location of the scanner and child. All other information is safely stored to contact local law enforcement agencies fast in case a child goes missing.  Helpers can also access the SmartKidsID site to enter the code and contact local law enforcement.


In addition you can use SmartKidsID to store your child’s important ID information (including a photograph, physical description, and identifying marks), at no cost, on a password protected and secure personal profile page.

  •  24/7 toll free Help Hotline to reconnect you with your child!
  •  Access your child’s ID information fast from anywhere – anytime
  •  Profiles are 100% FREE! No membership, storage or renewal fees!
  •  Save valuable time in case of an emergency
  •  Unlimited editing of your child’s profile worldwide 365/24/7 (e.g. change contact phone number when on vacation or change to teachers number when going on field trip etc.)

Why do I prefer the SmartKidsID over OTHER ID bracelets?  The SmartKidsID has no personal information printed directly on the bracelet or shoe tags.  I would not want my child wearing a bracelet with her/his name and personal information directly on it.  A helper only gets access to the information the account holder decided to make public, and only after scanning the bracelet or calling the hotline. This can be something as simple as the child’s first name and emergency contact number or even something like an allergy or medical information.

The SmartKidsID is only $14.95.  It is a just a 1-time cost for the product itself as you never pay for membership, editing, or your code! Setting it up is a breeze and I think the price is extremely reasonable for the peace of mind it provides. We are proud owners of a SmartKidsID and have already used it at Walt Disney World Resort, local parks, and even on a cruise.  The SmartKidsID is well-made, durable, and comes in many fun colors!

Click below to visit their site and purchase one for yourself!

**Social Parenting Blog was provided a Smart Kids ID for review purposes.  All thoughts are our own and we would never give positive praise to a product we do not truly love, use, or recommend.**