Buy Now, Pay Later with Purchasing Power + 25% off code!

Purchasing Power allows you to Buy Now and Pay Later! Keep reading to receive your Purchasing Power code and save 25% off your first purchase.

Buy Now and Pay Later with Purchasing Power + Purchasing Power Code!

This post was sponsored by Purchasing Power as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Federal Government employees, Federal Government retirees, and military retirees did you know that there is a program made exclusively for you that allows you to buy now and pay later? In fact, you can pay over time —right from your paycheck!

Credit, not an option? Cash, not an option? NO PROBLEM! Purchasing Power allows you to purchase things like household appliances, electronics, and even vacations with no credit checks.

Purchasing Power Code -- Buy Now, Pay Later

My mom is a USPS retiree and she was thrilled to learn about this program! I can’t believe we hadn’t heard about it before —especially since Purchasing Power is trusted by over 150,000 current and retired federal civilian employees and retired military.

Purchasing Power code -- buy now and pay later!

She has been wanting a new Dell computer for a while, so learning that she could buy one now, and pay it over time was really exciting for her. We were so impressed by the fact that you can set up automated fixed payments over a 6-12 months period. As she gears up for the holidays and prepares to spoil her granddaughters rotten, she will be using Purchasing Power to access over 40,000+ brand-name products —and pay for them on a schedule that works for her.

Buy now and pay later with Purchasing Power. Don't forget to get your Purchasing Power Code for 25% off your first purchase.

For me, knowing that my mom would have more time to pay for items she needs gave me a huge sense of peace even though she has good credit and a consistent retiree income. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s to always be prepared for the unexpected. Being able to purchase items without accruing interest on credit cards is a no-brainer for our family!

Purchasing Power is easy to sign up for and unlike layaway, you get your items right away! When you first sign up, Purchasing Power collects information from you to verify that you are eligible to use the program. Then, they issue you a spending limit based on your payroll allotment. Once you unlock your spending limit, you can start shopping. It’s truly that simple!

Purchasing Power Code

After you sign up, don’t forget to use the coupon code 25GOVSHOP to save 25% on your first order + receive FREE SHIPPING!

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