4 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Produce + What’s in Season? 1

4 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Produce + What’s in Season?

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Fresh From Florida Bell Pepper

I feel so fortunate to live in an area of Miami where fresh produce and local farms abound. Living in a subtropical climate means that even when other states are too cold to produce fruits and vegetables, fresh produce is available in Florida.

I especially enjoy that I can purchase Fresh from Florida produce at my local supermarkets — such as Publix!

I love a well-stocked farmer’s market, but being able to find locally-grown produce at my favorite supermarket is priceless.

After speaking to the Produce Department Manager of the Publix I frequent, I learned that Publix is always looking for local farmers producing the best farm-fresh produce.

I found bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms, radishes, snap beans and cabbage sporting the “Fresh from Florida” seal. In fact, all of the fruits and vegetables I purchased at Publix  last week were Fresh from Florida, in-season and delicious!

4 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Produce.

Locally Grown Produce is Full of Flavor: When you buy local, you know that the fruits and vegetables you purchase were picked at their peak ripeness.

Out-of-state produce needs to be harvested ahead of time in order to package, ship and distribute it to your local supermarkets. Some out-of-state produce is picked MONTHS in advance and then frozen in order to be transported thousands of miles away.

Local fruits and vegetables will always be fresh, full of flavor and rarely frozen!

Purchasing Locally Grown Produce Helps your Local Economy: Purchasing from local farmers means that the money you spend remains local!

This money is usually reinvested into the producing farms and helps support local businesses, communities and families! Local produce = local money. Win-win!

Locally Grown Produce is More Nutrient-Rich: Because locally grown produce spends less time traveling between its producing farm and your table, it is less likely that its nutritional value has diminished! Remember, out-of-state produce may sit in trucks, warehouses and freezers for month at a time.

Fresh From Florida Bell Peppers

Locally Grown Produce Benefits the Environment: When your food travels hundreds – or even thousands – of miles, it impacts the environment.

Locally grown produce helps preserve farmland, produce more clean air, conserve fertile soil and sequester carbon emissions.

Fresh From Florida In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

How do you Know the Produce you are Purchasing is Fresh From Florida?

Figuring out if a fruit or vegetable you want to purchase is Fresh from Florida is simple.

All you have to do is look for the “Fresh from Florida” label! When you see the Fresh from Florida label on a fruit or vegetable, you can be sure it is locally-sourced, in-season and fresh!

How do you know what Florida Fruits and Vegetables are Currently In-Season?

Finding in-season produce is easy with Fresh from Florida!

  1. Visit the Fresh from Florida “Follow the Fresh” website to view a regularly updated “What’s in Season Now” chart. You can even look ahead at what fruits and vegetables will be in-season for the state of Florida in the coming months.On this page you will also find a “Florida Produce Availability” chart. I printed this chart and keep it with my shopping list at all times. I love knowing exactly what is in season, and currently available — year-round!
  2. Find produce labeled with the Fresh from Florida seal. You can find Fresh from Florida produce at your local Florida supermarkets and farmer’s markets!

Why you Should Follow the Fresh. #FollowTheFresh

Did you know? The Fresh from Florida website and Fresh from Florida’s social platforms offers a plethora of recipes featuring many of your favorite Florida fruits and vegetables.

The Fresh from Florida website also features:

  • How-to videos featuring quick and easy Florida fruit and vegetable recipes!
  • A “get to know Florida farmers” section.
  • A fresh look at Florida agriculture.
  • Local events, fairs, festivals, wineries, and farmer’s markets!

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4 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Produce + What's in Season?

Fresh from Florida In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

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