Call Santa Claus for free! Santa’s telephone number. 4

Call Santa for Free! Santa’s telephone number.

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Call Santa Claus for FREE!

Call Santa for Free!

If you have a CHRISTMAS-OBSESSED child, they are probably asking about Santa Claus already. Why don’t you call Santa for free? My daughter has definitely been bitten by the “I want that for Christmas” bug. Yes, I know it is not even Halloween yet, but she is already asking me all kinds of questions such as:

“When can I send Santa my wishlist?”, “When can I call Santa?”, and “When is Santa coming?”

Stores are beginning to put out Christmas decorations and gifts earlier each year, which means that my daughter is already feeling the Holiday spirit. We have been seeing Christmas decor in stores since September, what the heck is up with that? Mommy needs a break. I haven’t even recovered from the Halloween costume shopping madness, and she is already crafting up the perfect Christmas wishlist.  I am going to need a whole lot of wine this year, gulp!

What better way to keep the magic alive (or further enable the madness) than by allowing your child to call Santa Claus at the North Pole? There are many new companies promoting this service, but they want to charge an arm and a leg for a “customized” call from Santa.  Call me a Grinch, but I am NOT paying for Santa to call my daughter!  I already spend enough money during the Holidays.

I have done some research and come across 2 free numbers for Santa Claus.  These telephone numbers run year-round and allow your child to leave messages for Santa Claus.  Santa will also tell them about how he is “watching them” and making sure they are being good.  SCORE!

Santa’s Personal Telephone Numbers:

Before Christmas, dial 951-262-3062 to call Santa and to hear his special Holiday greeting.  He will also prompt you to leave him your personal Christmas wishlist.  I also use this number to tell Santa when my daughter is being a “naughty” girl.  Team #noshame. This telephone number is located in California, but most (if not all) cell phone carriers include free domestic calls.

After Christmas, dial 1-855-347-2682 to hear Santa say “thank you” for leaving him cookies and to wish him a Merry Christmas!  This phone line is great if your child wants to thank Santa for his/her gifts.

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could give us the Elf on the Shelf’s telephone number? A mom can dream.

Share the graphic below with your friends and family.  Sharing is caring! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Call Santa for FREE!

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