Premama Digestive Aid Review – Great source of Fiber and Probiotics for Pregnant Women!

Premama Digestive Aid Review

A healthy immune and digestive system is so important in pregnancy. After suffering with immune and digestive issues in my first pregnancy, I decided to take control of my digestive health this time around. I also wanted to ensure regular bowel movements by adding extra fiber to my diet. There is nothing worse than a constipated mom-to-be! I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and have been testing Premama Digestive Aid for 2 weeks.

Premama’s latest maternity wellness product, Digestive Aid, is a vanilla caramel chew with 1 billion CFUs of probiotics and 2g of fiber per chew. Probiotics and fiber both promote healthy digestion and a healthy immune system. This product is also delicious, portable and affordable!


I love that I can enjoy Premama Digestive Aid “on-the-go”! Today I enjoyed one of my daily chews during my daughter’s snack-time. I have also taken them with me to doctor’s appointments, playdates and while running errands. Each soft chew comes individually wrapped and they all come inside a handy resealable silver baggie. Each box contains a total of 28 digestive aid chews.

Continue reading below to see how we rate Premama Digestive Aid’s taste, texture and effectiveness.



My prenatal vitamins are huge and difficult to swallow. I cannot handle swallowing another large daily supplement, so I gladly welcomed a supplement that I can chew. While I don’t think that these soft chews taste like vanilla caramel, the taste is non-offensive and sweet. I love that they are not nauseatingly sweet, but sweet enough to feel like I am enjoying a special treat. I find the chews taste more like vanilla than caramel. When I read the description, I was hoping they would taste like those milk caramel chews you can find at the supermarket. I’ve tried chew supplements before and have found that some can be too chewy, too sticky too hard to chew. These chews are none of these things. They are very soft and not sticky at all. If they tasted more like caramel they would be a 5/5.


Premama Digestive Aid claims to to ease constipation, bloating and help support a healthy immune system before, during and after pregnancy. Unfortunately, my prenatal vitamins are very high in iron and make me extremely constipated. As a person who is normally “regular” when it comes to bowel movements, constipation is a very unwelcome symptom of pregnancy. I tried these for a full 2 weeks to be able to give an accurate review and share my real opinion.

I am incredibly impressed with the efficacy of these chews. At 22 weeks pregnant, I have found that they make me more regular, help with bloating and help me feel “fuller” for longer. I am thrilled that I have found a product that is effective at treating my constipation and digestive issues. The recommended dosage is 1-4 chews per day. I highly suggest that if you are not used to taking probiotics or fiber, you start with one chew per day. Each chew contains 2g of fiber and 1 billion CFUs of probiotics. I currently take two chews per day. I hope to see the probiotics in this chew help with my immune system as well. So far, so good! I have not become sick while taking Premama Digestive Aid.

I plan on repurchasing Premama Digestive Aid in order to be able to evaluate its long-term efficacy. I also look forward to trying more of Premama’s products and was thrilled to see that they offer a Premama Lactation Support Drink Mix! I will be purchasing this for when I start my breastfeeding journey with baby #2.

Click here to find Premama products at a location near you. In my area, Premama is available at Walgreens, CVS, Buy Buy Baby, The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.

Disclaimer: This blog post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Premama. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. We were provided with Premama’s Digestive Aid in exchange for an honest review. Please consult your doctor before beginning any vitamin, probiotic or fiber supplement. We are not medical professionals.



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