Disney Travel Essentials 1: The Best Stroller for Disney

Disney Travel Essentials: A Lightweight Stroller. Find out why we think a lightweight stroller is the best stroller for Disney!

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Best Lightweight Stroller


I am starting a new series entitled “Disney Travel Essentials” (Toddler Edition) in which I will cover what I believe to be some of the essentials every family  with a toddler needs to have with them while traveling to Walt Disney World Resort.

In the last year, I have traveled to Walt Disney World Resort over 10 times with my toddler.  Through trial and error, I have come to learn what is essential to travel with and what is not.

The most essential item for my family has been a lightweight stroller.

Here is why I think a lightweight stroller is the best stroller for Disney.

My daughter’s first Walt Disney World Resort vacations were wonderful, except for one huge issue–her full-sized stroller.  It was an absolute nightmare closing it to get on the trams and buses!  As my daughter’s sole caretaker, I was fully responsible for closing and carrying her stroller. This took a huge toll on my already tired back and arms.

Disney Travel Essential: Lightweight Stroller (Kolcraft Cloud Plus 3)

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stoller (open canopy).

I had seen many parents pushing around a compact but full-feature stroller. I did some research and discovered that the stroller was the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller.

I found it on Amazon (here) for a super affordable price, it had great reviews, and it came in three colors: Fire Red, Fuchsia, and Slate. I was sold when I saw the weight of this stroller.

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus weighs less than 12 pounds! The Joovy stroller I was currently using weighed more than 22 pounds. 10 pounds make a huge difference when you are tired, hot, and towing around a cranky toddler. I purchased the Kolcraft stroller and have used it at the Parks multiple times.  I have no complaints and my daughter loves it!

Please continue reading for the pros and cons of what I think is the best stroller for Disney.


Kolcraft Cloud Plus with canopy closed.

Pros? Here are some of the features I love on the Kolcraft Cloud Plus:

  • Travel-friendly stroller – under 12 lbs. with compact fold.
  • Convenient one-hand fold.
  • Rolls while folded and stands unassisted.
  • 3-tier extended canopy for maximum UV coverage.
  • Multi position reclining seat offers 5-point safety restraint system and accommodates child to 50 pounds.
  • Both child tray and parent tray have 2 cup holders.
  • Large basket for storage.
  • Child tray does not touch the floor when folded.

I absolutely LOVE the one-hand, self-standing fold.  Here is a picture of what that looks like folded, followed by pictures of the parent and child trays:


Kolcraft Cloud Plus closed.


Kolcraft Cloud Plus child tray.


Kolcraft Cloud Plus parent tray.

Finally, here is a picture of the storage basket. It is huge! It easily fits my daughter’s large backpack and still has space on the front of the basket. I also love that it is accessible from the back as well as from the front of the stroller:


Kolcraft Cloud Plus storage basket.

Cons? Here are some of the issues some parents/caregivers might have with this stroller:

  • Very small cup-holders on the parent tray.  Will not fit anything larger than a standard water bottle.
  • Materials feel “cheap”.  I have not had any issues yet, but it is definitely not made with premium materials.
  • Might be too short for a very tall parent/caregiver.
  • It has plastic wheels but I was not expecting rubber wheels at this price point.
  • Snack tray does not swing open.  Your child will have to learn to climb in or you must remove it each time.

In conclusion, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a wonderful lightweight stroller. It is by far the best stroller for Disney when it comes to affordable, lightweight strollers.

This stroller is perfect for parents who want something lightweight but with more “bells and whistles” than an umbrella stroller. Buy your own here: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller.

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