Hello, social parents! I am Prissy.


I am a mother of two girls, navigating the difficult world of motherhood — alone. I’m passionate about my craft and work tirelessly to achieve what I want. Simply put, I get stuff done. High on my list of “wants” is becoming a professional blogger. Somewhere along this wild journey, I dived head-first into blogging, bumped my head on the bottom of the pool, and have been loving, learning, and getting stuff done ever since.

Welcome to Social Parenting — my tiny corner of the internet. Here I talk about motherhood, single parenting, Orlando events, Disney, travel and food; Boy, do I love food!

I strive to remain social despite living with anxiety, depression and a less-than-pretty past. Social Parenting is my attempt at coping, socializing and inspiring.

I blog from Orlando, Florida — home of sun, theme parks, tourists and me: a 30-something Latina comprised of 90% Cuban coffee and 10% pixie dust. I am passionate, hard-working, and honest.

I hope you will get to know me a little better. Take a look around and let me know what you think. You are always welcome here!

Want to work with me? Let’s socialize!

This is Val

6 years ago, Val came into my life to change me forever. She’s spirited, passionate, emotional and intelligent. She loves all things LEGO, Disney and American Girl. She is incredibly creative and amazes me every single day. Val has one of the biggest hearts I have ever come across. People always guess she is 2-3 years older than she actually is.

She loves to read, paint and create. Future STEM girl? I sure hope so!

Val is obsessed with school. I think she would sleep there every single day if I allowed her to. She definitely knows what she wants, and knows how to get it.

She challenges me, teaches me and makes me a better person — and I love her for it. Dream big, baby girl.

This is Vicky

Miami Lifestyle Blog


Oh, my dear Vicky. Vicky entered my life 1 year ago. She came into my life at the most unexpected moment — shaking everything up. God knew exactly what he was doing.

Vicky loves to eat! She will anything you put in front of her; Except for scrambled eggs. Go figure.

She keeps everyone who meets her laughing at her silly antics. This kid is S-I-L-L-Y with a personality to boot.

She loves to dance, giggle and play — but don’t get too close! She has perfected her “no” head-shake since the age of four months. When she says “no”, she means it. I wonder where she gets her attitude from?

I can’t wait to see her personality blossom. I have a feeling she will continue shaking everything up — for a very long time.